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Arizona Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing
SB1441 – marijuana; medical use; seizure; disposition

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Why stop SB 1441?

The problem with Senate Bill 1441 is that it allows law enforcement to destroy medical marijuana by any means necessary before any determination of law breaking even if it belongs to registered patients, their caregivers, dispensaries, or dispensary agents licensed by the Arizona Department of Health Services.

Imagine you parked in the wrong space and your car got towed. What would you do if the towing company totaled your car instead of storing it for you?

Senate Bill 1441 may violate not only the Arizona Voter Protection Act but may also impede on your rights under the U.S. Constitution Bill of Rights (Amendment IV and V). These two amendments address unlawful search and seizure and due process. Medical marijuana patients nationwide already have lost their Second Amendment right to bear arms. At the same time, law enforcement agencies nationwide have been granted Certificates of Authority by the FAA to operate drones within their airspace.

Arizona Police Militarization

List of Drone Applicants

The Council sees it fit to future-proof any variation of this bill to explicitly ban the use of drones by law enforcement for the purpose of monitoring or attacking the cultivation, transportation, dispensing, and usage of medical marijuana.

Take Action

Contact your state representative and let them know that the Constitution applies to all medical marijuana patients, caregivers, dispensaries, or dispensary agents in the state of Arizona:

Step 1

Use the Marijuana Policy Project link below to email your legislators using a standard letter. Feel free to add to the content of the message as you see fit.

Stop SB 1441

Step 2

Call your legislator to add a multiplier effect to the first step.

Use the Arizona District locator to find your legislative district by entering your address in the yellow box:

District Locator

Directory of Arizona Legislators

Call the phone number listed for your legislator and let them know you are against SB 1441 and also want to see a new bill banning all drone use against medical marijuana patients, caregivers, dispensaries, or dispensary agents on Arizona soil!

Step 3

Contact the sponsors of the bill

Except Kimberly Yee, we believe that the other sponsors may change their minds on SB 1441 if enough people call them and let them know how you feel. Clicking on any of the names below will provide you a phone number for the sponsoring legislator.

If you are a registered Democrat or Republican, it would be wise to call a sponsor who is of the same political leaning as yourself and let them know that this bill is fundamentally against your party principles. Please be cordial in your dialogue but let them know that SB 1441 is wrong for Arizona.

SB 1441 Sponsors

Kimberly Yee – REPUBLICAN
Chester Crandell – REPUBLICAN
Steve Gallardo – DEMOCRAT
Robert Meza – DEMOCRAT
Steve Pierce – REPUBLICAN
Steve Yarbrough – REPUBLICAN
Kate Brophy McGee – REPUBLICAN
Eric Meyer – DEMOCRAT
Justin Pierce – REPUBLICAN
Martin Quezada – DEMOCRAT

Step 4

Sign up to stay in the loop. This is not the first or last encroachment on Patient Liberty and you need to know what your elected officials are doing.

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