In the 2016 election cycle, we are seeing an unholy alliance between so-called activists who publicly state that they illegally grow marijuana and the prison industrial complex that will eventually shepherd them to their 6 by 8 foot confines. Their shared slogan are the words, “Vote No on Prop 205.” As of mid-October, the Vote No campaign has received a little under 3 million dollars in political contributions from pharmaceutical narcotics manufacturers, companies that provide prison support services, and Discount Tire who has previously supported Governor Ducey on matters like Prop 123.

Licensed medical marijuana dispensaries who encourage their patients to vote Yes on Prop 205 which regulates marijuana like alcohol sooner or later see backlash from these “activists” who scream vote no on Prop 205 – hashtags are optional. The Safer Arizona and/or Arizonans for Mindful Regulation crowd are delusional enough to believe they are going to pass a liberal recreational marijuana bill in 2018. They rail against the so-called corporate interests of the existing mom and pop dispensaries while touting the talking points that are fed to them by publicly traded companies with billion dollar market capitalizations and messaging that is geared to trick and manipulate every mind that believes marijuana plants will dot the Arizona landscape like saguaro cacti.

Law enforcement has been cracking down on these activists’ illegal operations and the next logical step for the Arizona Department of Health Services is to utilize some more of the $15 million in the Medical Marijuana Fund to provide local law enforcement the financial resources to lock the activists in the same institutions that are supporting Vote No on Prop 205.

Today, the average medical marijuana patient is spending between $250 to $300 a year on their patient card including state fees and certification center costs. The fees are the same for patients who have been in a car accident, veterans who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan, and Stage 4 cancer patients who may not have much time left on this plane of existence. These terminally ill patients who may not be able to perform basic bodily functions are expected to renew their patient cards annually by going in to a recommendation center since most doctors still won’t recommend medical marijuana. Pain management clinics can legally discriminate against and threaten patients with expulsion if they obtain a medical marijuana card.

What is happening is wrong. Prop 205 can change that.

Help us stop the madness.

Support and get out the vote: YES on Prop 205.

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